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Ch Tinkerbell's Magic of Mt. Storm, CGC (Tink)
Int'l Ch Moonstone Pebbles Southwind X BISS Ch Pharaway's Big Bowser, CGC
Tink's Age
Progression Video
Am. Can. Int'l. Ch Selene's Big Top Gun (Gunnar/Goose)
Ch Tinkerbell's Magic of Mt Storm, CGC X Ch Pleasant View of Moonstone
Gunnar's Pedigree
Ch Silvercrest's Purely Innocent of Selene, CGC (Lilly)
Pharaway's Silvercrest Fuzzy Navel X Ch River Wood's Big Busta (of Mt. Storm)
Hips OFA Good MF-6786G26M-PI                
PRA DNA Homozygous Normal
Cerf Normal MF-3248
Patella OFA Normal MF-PA1367/26M/P-PI
Thyroid Normal MF-TH744/27M-PI
Cardiac Normal MF-CA1289/15M/C-PI        
Cystinuria Negative                                      
AKC DNA #V499537     
Welcome to Selene Mastiffs,
located near Olympia, in
Rochester, Washington!  

We established our kennel in
2001 after we brought the best
mastiff on the planet, Tink, into
our home, and decided the
mastiff was the perfect breed
for us!

It's been a rough couple of
years for us.  We have lost five
of our babies in the last 18
months (Gunnar, Tink, Bailey,
Lilly, and Pepper).  

We currently have three English
Mastiffs...call names Brit,
Joker, and our newest addition,
Jezabel!  Jezzy is the pick girl
from our Lilly X Judah litter.

While most of our dogs are show
dogs, they are all members of
the family first.  They own us,
we don't own them.  We love and
enjoy our gang very much...as you
will see by the many photos of

Selene's Takin' What I Want
(Jezabel) has been doing great
in the show ring.  At just 10
months, she achieved her
Championship.  At 18 months she
is over half way to her Grand
Championship. She has a
fantastic temperament and she
just loves the show ring!

Selene's Wild Card "Joker" is
from our Bailey X Bear litter.  
He has retired from showing and
is enjoying running the field and
playing with the girls!

Brit is Lilly's sister and is a laid
back sweetheart!  She is a love
bug and we adore her!  She never
enjoyed the show ring that much!  
She'd rather be at home on the

Although Gunnar is gone, he is
available for stud to bitches of
merit.  To be considered the
bitches must have completed
(and passed) their health testing.
Watch for Gunnar's kid's  and
grand kids in the ring!  

We don't breed often, but we do
have occasional litters.  Please
the breedings/puppies
page for updates!

I am a member in good standing
with the Mastiff Club of
America (
MCOA) and the
Cascade English Mastiff Club
CEMC) of which I am currently
the club Secretary.

Thanks for visiting!  If you'd
like to contact us, you can reach
Jean at
or (360) 239-5479.  E-mail is
the best way to reach me though!
 I'm also on Facebook!
Gunnar & Ed Thomason PNMF Supported 2008
Hips OFA Excellent MF-5588E29F-PI
Elbows OFA Normal MF-EL2543F29-PI
PRA DNA Homozygous Normal
CERF Normal MF-2650
Hips OFA Good MF-7794G41F-VPI
Elbow OFA Normal MF-EL4571F33-VPI
Patella Normal MF-EL4571F33-VPI
PRA Clear thru parentage
CERF Normal MF-3712
Selene's Takin' What I Want (Jezabel/Jezzy)
Ch Silvercrests Purely Innocent of Selene, CGC X GCh Stonehaven's Main Attraction
Jezabel 7 months
First Major
Jezabel 9 months
Third Major
With her bff Austyn Collins!
Jezabel 10 months
Championship Photo
Best of Winners!!
Our Past
Ashber Farm has puppies available, contact Kelli DeSoto at Ndesoto@wavecable.com or (360) 551-6066